We develop and curate a wide range of exhibitions and creative programmes for our clients. Here are some of our recent projects and their associated events -


EXHIBITION | May 2019 | Sustainability forms a key part of British Land's vision to create Places People Prefer.  Linked to this theme, we are delighted to present paper collages by Tracey Bush at their Head Office in Marble Arch throughout Spring 2019.  The artworks shown are on loan from the artist in association with Eagle Gallery London.

ARTICLE | April 2019 | My latest Regent's Place blog uncovers their current environmental exhibition, explores ideas from Sir Antony Gormley and Gary Hume on sustainability and reviews the National History Museum's current display on our relationship with nature.  

ARTICLE | March 2019 | Had a great time catching up with Broadgate artist, Marta Rogoyska, about increased gender-balance in the art world.  

ARTICLE | March 2019 | I've been finding out more about the inclusive attitude to female students held by The Slade School of Fine Art from the outset of their establishment in 1871. Read more on the Regent's Place website.

EXHIBITION | March 2019 | Kevin Killen's Senses of Light continues to end of March 2019. Uncover some behind the scenes inspriation from my quick guide to the show.

ARTICLE | March 2019 | Inspired by this year's International Women's Day campaign "Better the Balance, Better the World" I chatted with artist Ptolemy Mann about her the perception of her woven artwork has shifted in recent years.  

ARTICLE | February 2019 | The public artwork throughout Regent's Place offers the perfect escape from the every-day, helping to sustain a positive and energised outlook.  Immerse  yourself in a world of creativity with my selection of Reflective artworks on campus.

ARTICLE | February 2019 | Thrilled that Alan Turing has been named BBC2 Icon. I've been talking with the creative team behind Message from the Unseen World, the Turing inspired installation at Paddington Central, particularly appropriate during LGBT History Month.   

ARTICLE | February 2019 | I've been taking a closer look at current projects involving the artists whose artwork we curate in the Broadgate Art Trail. Take a stroll through campus and find out more!

FILM | January 2019 | Visit our YouTube channel to watch a video showcasing a series of our installations including Kevin Killen's current Lux and Street Flow presentations at Broadgate.

ARTICLE | January 2019 | Focus on New Beginnings with my blog about creative projects in and around Regent's Place.

ARTICLE | January 2019 | Beat the January Blues with my round up of soul boosting art in and around Paddington Central.


ARTICLE | November 2018 | Great to sit down and talk with artist Kevin Killen about his new Senses of Light installation at Broadgate, find out more here.

EXHIBITION | November 2018 | We are delighted to be working with Kevin Killen to commisson new artwork for Senses of Light, an upcoming show curated by us across three Broadgate locations. Presented as a visual interpretation of the unique and vibrant energy surrounding campus, the exhibition showcases Street Flow, a major new installation by the artist in Exchange Square plus a series of neon artworks and accompanying light drawings.  On show from mid November 2018 to March 2019.

ARTICLE | November 2018 | Great to meet other creatives working in and around Regent's Place, read about their inclusive and sustainable themed shows taking place this winter. 

ARTICLE | November 2018 | Embrace the changing season and read my piece on Icosahedral Sky, a new installation by Jason Bruges at Paddington Central.

EXHIBITION | October 2018 | As part of Broadgate's Programme we are thrilled to curate Building Text, an upcoming design-led exhibition by Manchester based word artist and poet, Elisa Artesero, to 26 October.

ARTICLE | October 2018 | Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day with a look at the positive impact of creativity for Paddington Central.

ARTICLE  | October 2018 | From The Liverpool Poets to Sylvia Plath and beyond, ahead of National Poetry Day on 4 October I sat down with poet and artist Elisa Artesero to uncover the influences behind her creativity.

ARTICLE | October 2018 | Find out more about David Tovey's wellbeing and sustainable themed artworks, part of Thought Fest at Regent's Place.

ARTICLE | September 2018 | Read my guide to Paddington Central's inaugural Design Route, part of London Design Festival 2018.

EXHIBITION | September 2018 | As part of Broadgate's London Design Festival Programme 2018 we are thrilled to curate Building Text, an upcoming design-led exhibition by Manchester based word artist and poet, Elisa Artesero, opening 10 September.

EVENT | September 2018 | Super excited that Liz West's Colour Transfer, curated by us for Paddington Central, features in their inaugural Design Route for London Design Festival 2018. Find out more by booking here on one of my FREE Art Tours.

ARTICLE | September 2018 | Here's a Sneak Peek of the items to look out for along the Paddington Central Design Route for the 2018 edition of the London Design Festival.

EVENT | September 2018 | Open House London takes place from 22 to 23 September. Book a place on one of my FREE Art Tours to uncover more about the art at Broadgate.

ARTICLE | September 2018 | Read my sustainability focus on Gary Hume RA for Regent's Place

ARTICLE | August 2018 | Follow my quick guide of Fiona Grady's Kaleidoscope exhibiton, on show over three locations at Broadgate until end August

ARTICLE | August 2018 | School's out but there's lots to discover around London's Knowledge Quarter, find out more in my article for Regent's Place.

EXHIBITIION | July 2018 | We are thrilled to work alongside the Ingram Collection to showcase artworks from their collection with a London institution, including artwork by Auerbach, Bawden & Power.

ARTICLE | July 2018 | Our friends at Regent's Place love to meet their neighbours, here's a round up of recent creative focused events.

EVENT | July 2018 | Meet London artist Fiona Grady as she talks about her Kaleidoscope exhibition, curated by Rosie Glenn over several locations at Broadgate.  This free lunchtime event on 18 July is available to book here.

ARTICLE | July 2018 | Check out my quick guide to Paddington Central's Summer Shades including their colourful Pride installation plus other creative pieces on campus.

COMMUNITY | July 2018 | We loved spending a creative time based around sustainabiity with pupils at St Mary's Bryanston Square as part of Britiish Land's Community Day.

ARTICLE | July 2018 | A quick look at Frieze Sculpture 2018 for nearby Regent's Place.

COMMISSION | June 2018 | Colour Transfer, a site-specific installation by Liz West for Paddington Central is unveiled.  Curated by Rosie Glenn this is West's first permanent London artwork. 

EXHIBITION | June 2018 | Kaleidoscope, a series of site-specific installations, works on paper and models are presented throughout Broadgate by emerging artist Fiona Grady.

ARTICLE | June 2018 | Uncover more about the Royal Academciians whose artwork is at Broadgate and find out what they are showcasing at the Royal Academy's 250th Anniversary Summer Show.

ARTICLE | June 2018 | Find out about Patricia Swannell's sustainable themed artwork, curated by Jagged and on show at Circle, just two minutes' walk from Regent's Place.

EXHIBITION | May 2018 | Curated by Rosie Glenn, Paddington Central's latest Art Cube edition is presenting a wrap-around artwork by Nick Hornby & Sinta Tantra, situated on the Grand Union Canal waterfront.

ARTICLE | May 2018 | Uncover hidden treasure in UCL's free museum and gallery spaces with my quick guide for nearby Regent's Place.

EVENT | April 2018 | Take your chance over lunch to meet Nick Hornby & Sinta Tantra and enjoy a tour of their Broadgate exhibition.

EXHIBITION | April 2018 | Collaborative Works III : Proposals by London artists Nick Hornby and Sinta Tantra, curated by Rosie Glenn for Broadgate's Sense of Space season, continues on campus with the addition of a large-scale artwork.

ARTICLE | April 2018 | Creative Barges and Bridges on and around Paddington's Grand Union Canal.

ARTICLE | March 2018 | Anniversary celebrations during 2018 for Sir Antony Gormley.

INTERVIEW | March 2018 | Celebrating International Women's Day with Paddington Central.

ARTICLE | March 2018 | Catch up with an architectural and design renovation at Paddington Central by Ptolemy Mann and PDP London Architects.

EXHIBITION | Mach 2018 | Collaborative Works III : Proposals by London artists Nick Hornby and Sinta Tantra, curated by Rosie Glenn for Broadgate's Sense of Space season, begins on campus.

ARTICLE | February 2018 | Uncover more about Sir Peter Blake and his designs for Paddington's latest dining destination.

ARTICLE | Impress your Valentine with a tour of LOVE inspired artwork at Broadgate including artwork by Dine and Botero.

EXHIBITION | February 2018 | Loomings by David Ogle is now on show in Kingdom Square at Paddington Central, uncover the artist's dramartic LED light and smoke inspired response to landscape.

EVENT | February 2018 | Take your chance over lunch on 9 February to meet artist David Ogle, whose Light Traces show is extended at Broadgate to 22 Feb.

EXHIBITION | January 2018 | New Year, New Art! Check out stART 2018, presented in collaboration with TAG Fine Arts at Broadgate.

EXHIBITION | January 2018 | Energise your New Year with Light Traces, now extended at Broadgate to February 2018.

EXHIBITION | January 2018 | David Ogle's dramatic Loomings landscape artworks are now on show outside at Regent's Place.


ARTICLE | December 2017 | Uncover the inspiration behind David Ogle's Light Traces display in my interview with the artist at Broadgate.

ARTICLE | December 2017 | Read my pick of Christmas Shopping spots at London's museums.

ARTICLE | November 2017 | Read my pick of current and upcoming creative WW1 commemorations by 14-18 NOW, official artistic programme.

EXHIBITION | November 2017 | Light Traces by David Ogle, a series of interior and exterior sculptures plus photography by this North West based artist in assocaition with Mark Devereux Projects.

EXHIBITION | November 2017 | Season's Editions, a selling show of mixed media works with a festive twist presented in assocation with TAG Fine Arts.

EXHIBITION | November 2017 | LINES // ACROSS LONDON, photography by Alan Williams curated by Rosie Glenn is now at Paddington Central.  Post a shot of the display using #PaddingtonDESIGN for a chance to win a photographic print by Alan.

COMMUNITY | October 2017 | Thrilled to be part of Rich Mix's 100 East London Stories project.

COMPETITION | Take your chance to win a free photographic print by Alan Williams, post your favourite shot of his show at Regent's Place using #RegentsDESIGN & @RegentsPlace.

ARTICLE | October 2017 | Uncover more London places and views through Rosie Glenn's In Conversation With photographer Alan Williams.

EXHIBITION  | October 2017 | Free outdoor photography show, LINES // ACROSS LONDON by Alan Williams, on throughout October at Regent's Place.  Curated by Rosie Glenn.

ARTICLE | October 2017 | Read my pick of great design shows on around Paddington and take a closer look at the design inspired art on campus at Paddington Central.

EVENT | October 2017 | Meet the artists and makers behind Craft & Contemporary Design, at Broadgate, curated by Rosie Glenn in assoc with Sarah Myerscough Gallery

COMPETITION | October 2017 | Have your chance to win an original framed artwork by Helen Brough, creator of Dahlia Cuore, commissioned by Rosie Glenn for Broadgate's Shaped by Design Season.

ART CLASS | October 2017 | Free art class during Camden Fun Palace at Regent's Place on 7 October with artist and tutor, Jeanette Barnes, details here.

CURATOR TOUR | September 2017 | During Open House Weekend 2017 Rosie Glenn is leading Art Tours of Broadgate's permanent art collection plus temporary exhibitions, booking here.

EXHIBITION | September 2017 | Dahlia Cuore | Commissioned through Rosie Glenn for Broadgate's Shaped By Design seaon, suspended installation by Helen Brough.

EXHIBITION | September 2017 |  LINES ACROSS /// LONDON | Architectural photography by Alan Williams is now on display at Exchange Plaza, Broadgate.

EXHIBITION Contemporary Craft & Design | Showcase of craft & design objects presented in assocation with Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

EXHIBITIONDESIGNED | Contemporary editions presented in association TAG Fine Arts for Broadgate's Shaped By Design season.

ARTICLE | September 2017 | Uncover Fitzrovia's Design events during London Design Week and beyond.

ART CLASS | August 2017 | To coincide with her solo show at Broadgate, Capturing London, curated by Rosie Glenn, digital artist Julie Leonard is leading an iPad drawing class, find out more plus booking here.

EXHIBITION | August 2017 | Curated by Rosie Glenn, Guide to Computing by Docubyte is at Regent's Place from 5 August, see link here for details and competition.

ARTICLE | August 2017 | Music and art in London during Summer 2017 round up including Amy Winehouse at the Jewsih Museum and Pink Floyd at the V&A, plus Busk London at Paddington Central.

CURATOR TOUR | July 2017 | Curator tour of #LondonTrending at London's Guildhall Art Gallery. This exhibition, curated by Rosie Glenn, is on loan from British Land.

ARTICLE | July 2017 | Catch Rosie Glenn's Summer Art round up in London featuring the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition & Frieze Sculpture.

EXHIBITION | July 2017 | Curated by Rosie Glenn, Guide to Computing, a series of retro styled computer photographs by Docubyte is on display from 10 July at Paddington Central.

ARTICLE | July 2017 | Rosie Glenn chatted with Docubyte in his studio about his recent exhibition Guide to Computing at Paddington Central.

COMMUNITY | July 2017 | We are very proud to have worked alongside staff volunteers from British Land at Broadgate and a local primary school during their Community Day.

ARTICLE | July 2017 | Take a look with Rosie Glenn at Frieze Sculpture alongside artwork at nearby Regent's Plac.

ARTICLE | July 2017 | Rosie Glenn chats with weaver and digital artist, Ptolemy Mann, from her studio about her latest artwork A Ray of Sunshine & Light at Paddington Central.

ARTICLE | June 2017 | London Art and Technology, Rosie Glenn takes a look at the V&A's Summer Technology programme.

EXHIBITION | June 2017 | Curated by Rosie Glenn, Guide to Computing, a series of retro styled computer photographs by Docubyte is on display at Broadgate from 12 June.

EXHIBITION | June 2017 | Come into Play by Tine Bech, an engaging and immersive environment presented by the London based artist, and curated by Rosie Glenn, is on show at 201 Bishopsgate.

EXHIBITION | June 2017 | A series of new 3D printed sculptures by recent RCA Graduate, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez.  Titled No Back Ups for 1909 Days the exhibition is on show at Exchange House, Broadgate, curated by Rosie Glenn

ARTICLE | June 2017 | Ahead of the annual Summer Exhibition at London's Royal Academy, Rosie Glenn takes a look at work by Royal Academicians at Regent's Place.

COMMISSION  June 2017 | To celebrate Broadgate's Life Meet Tech season, a new digital iPad drawing by Julie Leonard has been installed in the ground floor lobby of the Broadgate Tower as part of her ongoing Capturing London exhibition, curated by Rosie Glenn.

ART TOUR | May 2017 | Art Tour by Rosie Glenn #LondonTrending, British Land's loan to the Guildhall Art Gallery, curated by Rosie Glenn,

ARTICLE | May 2017 | Promoting wellbeing through art, Rosie Glenn looks at Carol Robertson's latest show at Flowers Gallery for Paddington Central.

EXHIBITION | May 2017 | Green Space photography by Mark Diacono at Regent's Place, curated by Rosie Glenn.

EXHIBITION | May 2017 | Curated by Rosie Glenn, #LondonTrending, an exhibition at London's Guildhall Art Gallery, on loan from British Land's collection, opens.

EXHIBITION | April 2017 | Traces of Traces - a new installation by Rosie Leventon RBS Fellow is at Broadgate to end of May, curated by Rosie Glenn

EXHIBITION | Aprli 2017 | Find out more about Mark Diacono's Green Space photography exhibition, curated by Rosie Glenn, at Paddingon Central to end of April.

ARTICLES | March 2017 | Spring Fitzrovia Art Trail & Art @ Paddington Station - five minutes with Rosie Glenn to find world-class contemoprary art in London's long established art quarter and also a quick look at some best loved icons in Paddington Station. 

EXHIBITION | March 2017 | See Nourishment Anthony Turner's nature inspired carvings in the Ground Floor Lobby of The Broadgate Tower, curated by Rosie Glenn in collaboration with Sladmore Contemporary, London. 

EXHIBITION | March 2017 | Visit Finsbury Avenue Square to see Green Space Mark Diacono's allotment themed photography exhibition and have your chance to win a copy of his My Cool Allotment book donated by publisher Pavilion Books, to end March, curated by Rosie Glenn.

EXHIBITION | February 2017 | In association with Farrington based Eagle Gallery, 201 Bishopsgate at Broadgate is hosting Natural Histories, a presenation of etimology and horitculture inspired paper works by British artist Tracey Bush, curated by Rosie Glenn.

EXHIBITION | February 2017 | The Sheltering Five, a series of ecology and wellbeing focused sculptures created from recycled materials by London based Rosie Leventon is on display at Exchange House, Broadgate to mid April, curated by Rosie Glenn.

ARTICLE | February 2017 | Rosie Glenn in conversation with Natasha Nanner about art at Broadgate and related upcoming exhibitions in London.

EXHIBITION | February 2017 | Curated by Rosie Glenn, Capturing London, Julie Leonard's Green Space and Sustainability themed iPad created artwork is on display at the Broadgate Tower to September 2017.  See her art come to life here.

EVENT | 8 February 2017 | Following her successful show at Broadgate, curated by Rosie Glenn, during winter 2016, meet Liz West at Broadgate to find out more about her artwork, her creative inspirations and how she grows her studio to gain important national commissions.

EXHIBITION AND EVENT | Andrew Whyte's Seeing the Light photography exhibition is on display at Regent's Place during February.  Visit to book a place on his night time photography class and find out how to win a free photography print, curated by Rosie Glenn.

COMMUNITY | January 2017 | We enjoyed working alongside arts charity Create during their visit to British Land's Head Office, York House with a group of Young Carers and also loved seeing their amazing creative animation.

INTERIOR | January 2017 | We were delighted to work alongside Interior Designers Brady Williams on the artwork for British Land's Hempel Collection, take a look here at some of the beuatiful interiors created in this iconic space.

ARTICLE | January 2017 | Rosie Glenn in conversation wtih Emma Gordon, Events Manager at Regent's Place about London's upcoming exhibitions during Spring 2017.

EXHIBITION AND EVENT | January 2017 | Seeing the Light by Andrew Whyte is on display at Paddington Central where Andrew will be leading a Long Exposure Photography Class on 17 January, curated by Rosie Glenn.


EXHIBITION | December 2016 | Seeing the Lighta display of long exposure light paintings is on show at Broadgate during December, during which Andrew is offering screen saver images and the chance to win a photographic print to those who leave feedback on social media.

EXHIBITION | November 2016 | Liz West's light and colour filled presentation of Our Colour Reflection is across two locations at Broadgate to February 2017.  

EVENT | 19 November 2016 | Meet the Artist at The Broadgate Tower.  Call by to see works by Jeanette Barnes and talk with her about her city inspired charcoal drawings and monoprints, RSVP required.

CONSERVATION| November 2016 | Workng in collaboration with Zenzie Tinker Conservation, tapestries by Marta Rogoyska have been painstakingly restored and are now back in situ at 10 Exchange Square.

EVENT | 14 November 2016 | To coincide wirh his latest solo show in London, Sean Henry visited Paddington Central to see his sculpture located on campus and spoke with Rosie Glenn about his work and inspriations.

CONSERVATION | November 2016 | Working alongside MTEC, ARUP and Patina Collection Care, works by Stephan Balkenhol have been restored for More London and have been reinstalled in situ on site.  

EVENT | October and November 2016 | Join Rosie Glenn for an Art Tour at Regent's Place and find out more about the permanent on site collection and their loan of sculpture from Flowers Gallery London.

EVENT | 20 October 2016 | Taking inspiration from the National Portrait Gallery's exhibition of Picasso portraits, this collage class is led by a professional artist and tutor Paul Brandford, booking essential.

COMMUNITY | October 2016 | We enjoy working alongside our clients within their local communities, click here to find out more about autumn our Art Tours.

AWARD | 14 October 2016 | We are delighted to have received an award from British Land for the creative community programmes we undertake with them.  Find out moeabout our award and the others who have been honoured here

EVENT | 6 October 2016 | Ben Long in Conversation with Fabienne Nicholas, Curator, Contemporary Art Society.  Hear Ben Long discuss his site-specific sculpture at 201 Bishopsgate, booking essential.

EXHIBITION | September 2016 | To coincide with Broadgate By Design during autumn 2016, Re-Make / Re- Model, a site-specific work by Ben Long is on show at 201 Bishopsgate to November 2016, watch Ben Long creating his unique piece for Broadgate here.

EXHIBITION | September 2016 | Sculpture at Regent's Place, an exhibition of performance inspired sculptures on loan from Flowers Gallery London alongside sculpture from the permanent collection, is in situ at Regent's Place to January 2017.  Various community projects, art tours and creative classes are scheduled, why not ownload the brochure to find out more?

EXHIBITION | September 2016 | Urban Connections, a series of charcoal drawings and monoprints by artist and tutor Jeanette Barnes explores sites of urban life, to February 2017.

EVENT | 20 September 2016 | We are delighted to collaborate with the team at the London Design Festival to install the British Land Celebration of Design Pavilion during London Design Week at Broadgate.  

EVENT | 18 & 19 September 2016 | As part of the annual Open House event, Rosie Glenn is leading tours of Broadgate's art collection on campus over the weekend.  Find out more about the tours and other on site events during Open House at

EVENT | 7 & 8 September 2016 | Great Fire of London linked charcoal art class at Broadgate led by professional artist and tutor Jeanette Barnes, booking essential. 

EVENT | 9 August 2016 | Linked to No Limits, the Olympic inspired art on display at 201 Bishopsgate, see British Commonwealth Rhythmic Gymnast, Mimi-Isabella Cesar perform in Exchange Square. 

EXHIBITION | June 2016 | No Limits, a presentation of Olympic inspired art is showcased at Broadgate in collaboration with UK Charity Art at the Edge and John Ord Photography.  Call by to look out your sporting icons.

COMMUNITY | 15 June 2016 | We were delighted to participate in British Land's Annual Community Day.  Working alongside staff at their Head Office, we devised art tours and creative activities for primary school children.  

EXHIBITION | June 2016 | To coincide with London's music and fashion related events in Summer 2016, Iconic, an exhibition of music and fashion inspired mixed media works on loan from Fitzrovia based Gallery Different is on display at the Broadgate Tower.  

EVENT | April 2016 | Monet inspired pastel class at Paddington Central, taking inspiration from the Royal Academy's major exhibition of works by this important European artist, booking required.  

EXHIBITION | March 2016 | To celebrate this spring's literary anniversaries, Word Works, an exhibition of text and book inspired art is on display at Broadgate to June 2016.  In collaboration with Farringdon based Eagle Gallery, the exhibition includes pieces relating to Shakespeare and Wordsworth.

EVENT | 18 February 2016 | London Fashion week inspired collage class at Paddington Central led by professional artist and tutor, Paul Brandford, booking required. 

EXHIBITION | January 2016 | Love Lived, a series of photographs exploring the lives and loves of the elderly generation is on display at the Broadgate Tower to June 2016.  Created in association with national charity Contact the Elderly, the exhibition is also showcased for a limited time in Finsbury Avenue Square.  Read and listen to the incredible stories here


ART GUIDE | December 2015 | Public Art Guide to Paddington published by This is Paddington with text by Rosie Glenn

EXHIBITION | November 2015 | Ice in the City, a display of monumental sculpture by Icelandic aritst Steinunn Thorarinsdottir, on loan from Osborne Samuel Gallery, is staged at 201 Bishopsgate to March 2016.

EXHIBITION | October 2015 | Celebrated Shoreditch based Flowers Gallery is presenting a series of works on paper by established British aritsts at the Broadgate Tower to January 2016. 

EVENT| August 2015 | Collage Class at Paddington with artist and tutor, Paul Brandford, booking requirted.

EXHIBITION | June 2015 | To coincide with Broadgate's Summer Live Season, The Seven Ages of Man by Tom Phillips RA is on display at 201 Bishopsgate. 

EXHIBITION | March 2015 | John Dolan's recent work is presented at the Broadgate Tower. In collaboration with Shoreditch based Howard Griffin Gallery, this show continues to October 2015.

EVENT | February 2015 | Private View at the Broadgate Tower of Relative Space by David Walker, RSVP and register your details.  


COMMUNITY | November 2014 | Texting Paddingon, a statue designed by Westminster Academy students, is on display in Sheldon Square at Paddington Central.  Inspired by Tom Phillips RA and supported by British Land, the work is part of a London wide trail to celebrate the launch of Paddington the Movie and the work of Childline.  

ARTICLE | October 2014 | Meet the Broadgate Art Curator, published October 2014. 

EXHIBITION | October 2014 | Relative Space, a series of new works by David Walker is presented at the Broadgate Tower to March 2015.  

EVENT | September 2014 | Join Matthew Webber for a tour of his latest exhibition at the Broadgate Tower, RSVP and booking here.

EVENT | 7 July 2014 | To coincide with the arrival of the Tour de France in London, Vasko Lipovak's Cyclus scupture is on dispaly in Exchange Square at Broadgate and ongoing to September in 201 Bishopsgate.  

EVENT | 22 May 2014 | Private View at the Broadgate Tower, take the chance to meet award winning artist Matthew Webber, join the guest list here.

EVENT | March 2014 | Visit by students from Westminster Acadmey to see Tom Phillips RA at his studio as part of their ongoing programme of support from British Land.

EXHIBITION | March 2014 | Painting & Unpainting, an exhibition of new work by Matthew Webber is staged at the Broadgate Tower to October 2014.


COMMUNITY | November 2013 | Rosie Glenn paticipated in Broadgate Stories, find out more this British Land led project here.   

EXHIBITION | October 2013 | Everyhing I might need to know, a series of text and map based mixed media works by Brigitte Williams is at the Broadgate Tower.  Supported by John Jones with custom made frames and easels, this show is on to March 2014.

AWARD | May 2013 | We were delighted to receive British Land's Community Business Partner 2013 Award, find out more about the important work they undertake here

EXHIBITION | Aprll 2013 | Found Colours, a display of photographs and sculptures by Mark Croxford is on display at the Broadgate Tower to September 2013.  

COMMUNITY | January 2013 | Sir Michael-Craig Martin visited Westminster Academy to talk with the students about his work and to find out more about their artwork and upcoming plans.  Inspired by a loan of work by Michael from British Land's art collection, the students enjoyed posing for photographs with this celebrated artist.

COMMUNITY | January 2013 | We were delighted to work with British Land and CREATE on an award-winning creative projecrt with Young Carers.